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Michelle Gabauer and Jenny Richards are the creators of Effective HR, each bringing their extensive background in Human Resources and recruitment to the business.

Effective HR was created as we saw a gap in the market for the recruitment and HR Management options for small and medium sized businesses. We know that these businesses are the experts in their field, but they rarely have a HR-focused team member who has the knowledge and experience to manage a the full suite of HR functions.

This is where Effective HR comes in.




We offer you a middle ground. We understand that you know the type of person you need, and we have the skills and resources to help you find them. They key to our business is supporting your business through a recruitment activity. We help you and your managers through the entire process, ensuring that you are getting the best advice and support, but also educating your business on recruitment. You become more skilled in the field and have the best chance at finding your perfect new hire.


We understand that for a small business running costs are important, so we offer services to suit any budget and need. With our standard fixed price packages you know upfront exactly what it will cost and what you will get in return.

Michelle Gabauer

  • Bachelor of Business (Employee Relations/Industrial Relations) 

  • Diploma in Business Management

  • Studied Organisational Psychology.

  • Over 10 years in generalist HR management and high end industrial relations consulting.

  • Strong backround in the hospitality and services industry

Jenny Richards

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Education

  • Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management

  • Over 10 years experience in generalist HR and business analysis, with a strong focus on recruitment processes, systems and business processes

  • Strong backround in the higher education sector, plus experience in the hospitality and transport service industries.

However, if you would like to pick and choose the services you require, we are happy to accommodate and custom make a service package for you. All of our packages involve one of our resourcing specialists spending time with you and your business, to ensure you are getting the right person ... not just for the role, but for the fit of your team. 

We offer resourcing help to any business, we don't simply send through candidates, we can review your current recruitment process, we ensure you are legally compliant and we will ensure that any money spent on recruitment will be through the correct mediums and in an efficient way.

Need some general HR assistance? We also offer a consulting service, head over to our HR Consulting page.


We have spent many years working in large companies where we support local department managers with recruitment. Large companies have the advantage of internal HR teams - experts in recruitment - to support their managers. Small and medium businesses usually don't have this, so they fall into the same common traps each time

  • using the wrong medium to advertise

  • taking too long to run the recruitment activity (applicants get frustrated or are hired elsewhere)

  • poor management of unsuccessful (but potential future) applicants

As a hiring manger, you don't only have an obligation to your employees to ensure no discrimination takes place, but also to any applicant that applies for a role with you. 

We are seeing cases related to the recruitment process being heard regularly in the Fair Work Commission, two recent cases highlight the importance of getting your recruitment process right:

Willmott v Woolworths Ltd [2014] QCAT 601 

Rakic v Johns Lyng Insurance Building Solutions (Victoria) Pty Ltd (Trustee) [2016] FCA 430


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